Oooku movie and shonen manga

  • Jul. 30th, 2010 at 3:39 AM
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Oh, people look what [personal profile] beyourwings gave me:

Oooku's trailer! Low quality, filmed at some screening apparently, but you can get the picture.

Edit for second trailer: [ profile] suikascented shared a HQ trailer here:

Commenting with spoilers for Oooku's 1st volume ) I'm scared of some of that acting, but apparently is very close to the manga. I wonder how Yoshinaga must feel right now. Seriously, it looks awesome.

Now, on shonen manga:

Fairy Tail: General thoughts on the manga )

Kinda messy comments on the plot: Spoilers and comments up to chapter 150 )

ETA for spoilers to 155: Spoilers relevant to this post )

Reborn: Pst. You know, it's pretty funny how Reborn's fandom can make an uberly dreadful chapter way more fun. If I ever doubted this manga was all about its fandom.
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Aqrima admirably continued dealing with the annoying white feminists: honour killings in india.

a few years ago, i would have agreed with you. i would have been shocked and upset about this, and i would have been very angry about patriarchy and casteism in india. and i still am. i am much more upset about it than you know. you tell me i’m an evil person, that i’m excusing violence with complexity, and i’m writing this here to tell you that actually, the complexity only makes the violence sharper, more real. the complexity cannot erode the violence. it is the explanation, but it cannot be the excuse (credit to richard siken’s poem, snow and dirty rain, for that phrase). it cannot be the excuse, because i, we, live with this history. because i live with the knowledge that i grasped onto white amerika instead of paying attention to my history. because the violence of priding the west over a postcolonial state that the west carries the legacy of colonizing, and continues to colonize… because that violence is real. because the violence of what happened to nirupama pathak, and her fiance who remains unnamed throughout that article (because upper caste people are the only ones to talk to, didn’t you know? they’re nice and liberal, they talk about “old india”s and “new india”s and nice linear history “we shouldn’t be like this in the 21st century [we have to be more like you white western people, you’ve got it all right, yes yes we realize that now, sorry sorry]”) … because that violence is horrific. because she should not have died. because imagine what her fiance is living through now, with the knowledge that he is so wrong, so untouchable, that his lover deserved to be killed rather than marry him.

because i don’t like any entire marginalized culture, mine or anyone else’s, being completely written off. “archaic”. “conservative”. how do you know what is archaic and conservative? how do you know the history of caste violence? how do you know that history is linear and chronological, period? how do you know what changed with colonialism and what didn’t? how do you know about the oppression in pre-colonial times and the oppression in colonial times and the oppression in post-colonial times? how? how do you so easily take the apologia of upper-caste middle class privileged folks in india as the right thing, oh yes, at least they’re admitting that culture can be changed, at least they should try, blah blah blah blah. Because it makes you happy to hear that. It makes you happy to be told, over and over, affirmed, that your way is the right way. That you’ve got it all right. That you understand cultureS, so much so that you can make it one great culture monolith.

it’s very wonderfully ironic that you say “take it up with the NYT or coherently explain your point of view here”. wonderful use of the tone argument, i must say. (this is a more direct summary). also, you establish my point exactly. the point is, the new york times represents white amerika (mostly). so what you are telling me is that i, a south asian person, should have to tell the new york times to stop being racist and imperialist, because otherwise the new york times has the perfect right to do so. thank you for putting the onus on me, as a marginalized person.


and the thing is? violence is systemic. address the systemic issues, and maybe we have a fighting chance at making things better.

Via ontd_feminism: How to Write about Haiti, inspired on How to Write about Africa

For starters, always use the phrase 'the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.' Your audience must be reminded again of Haiti's exceptional poverty. It's doubtful that other articles have mentioned this fact.

You are struck by the 'resilience' of the Haitian people. They will survive no matter how poor they are. They are stoic, they rarely complain, and so they are admirable. The best poor person is one who suffers quietly. A two-sentence quote about their misery fitting neatly into your story is all that's needed.


The US Embassy and United Nations always issue warnings that demonstrations are security threats. It is all social unrest. If protesters are beaten, gassed, or shot at by UN peacekeepers, they probably deserved it for getting out of control. Do not investigate their constant claims of being abused.

It was so violent right after the January 2010 earthquake. 'Looters' fought over goods 'stolen' from collapsed stores. Escaped prisoners were causing mayhem. It wasn't necessary to be clear about how many people were actually hurt or died in fighting. The point is that it was scary.

Now many of those looters are 'squatters' in 'squalid' camps. Their tent cities are 'teeming' with people, like anthills. You saw your colleagues use these words over and over in their reports, so you should too. You do not have time to check a thesaurus before deadline.

Point out that Port-au-Prince is overcrowded. Do not mention large empty plots of green land around the city. Of course, it is not possible to explain that occupying US Marines forcibly initiated Haiti's shift from distributed, rural growth to centralized governance in the capital city. It will not fit within your word count. Besides, it is ancient history.


And just because I want to spam no more:

Fairy Tail spoilers up to chapter 15 )


Writing this was painful. And took me a lot of time. Because I mostly copy and pasted html.

OMG this manga is fantastic II

  • Jul. 25th, 2010 at 5:41 AM
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Yes, I should be sleeping, but OM is about to end, okay?

Fairy Tail up to the beginning of chapter 10 )

It has problems of course, shonen manga in the end. Anything that has to do with with women and looks. But well, is still hella refreshing.

Edit: Screw it. Spoilers for all of Chapter 10 )

Also, my computer is dying.

Holy Daughter of ETA: Chapter 11 Awesome sauceness )

Man, was Claymore the last time I was like this?

Fairy Tail

  • Jul. 25th, 2010 at 12:57 AM
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I'm just at page 52 of the first chapter and already thinking, "DUDE, this manga is AWESOME." (I'm going to be mean, but it's exactly the difference between Shonen Magazine and Shonen Jump. The art is obviously emulating One Piece, but the focus on women characters is very different from anything I have seen on WSJ.)

And they say the female characters just get better. I'm so sorry OM is about to close now.

(Also, when I was about to continue with Oooku at Manga Fox, I found this. FML)


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