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Is his article. I'm not even going to copy all of that shit here.

WARNING for transmisoginy, transphobia, cissexism, and slurs against trans women )

I kid you not. "PERHAPS" he is. Seriously. "PERHAPS."

Stupid, selfish asshole. Seriously. Stupid, selfish, and stupid asshole who has is extremely stupid. That's all I can say about this horrible person.

ETA: This article is from 2003, and I know it. And Dan Savage never apologized or acknowledged what he said. On the contrary, he defended his transphobic views and his use of transphobic slurs. You can google "Dan Savege" and "transphobia" and you will see the many instances were he does it recently.

F. U.

  • Jan. 25th, 2012 at 5:43 PM
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Am I the only one who wants to spit on people's faces over this shit?

Yes, because the world is all about USA and their two right-winged political parties. What they do in Somalia? Just business that are useful to make their president look good and to rescue white first worlders. As my classmate uses to say, damn if they don't want to make everything look like one of their action tv-shows/movies where their Navy is heroic saving the world from brown non-westerners and it doesn't exist a biggest context for this shit (Somali pirates and sovereignty).

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan...

Also. We know kidnapping, stealing is wrong yadda yadda, but some people are way to naive, and believe everyone lives in a idealized middle-classed first world. Which doesn't happen. And no one gives a REAL shit about other people's tragedies. Way complex problems that have to do with poverty, lack of access, lack of resources in their own countries. Thank to... well, some shit against global south and its people.

Oh, please.

  • Jun. 29th, 2011 at 12:31 AM
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Everything I hate about middle-classed privileged feminists. (Trigger warning for talk about abusive relationships.) Seriously.

Dude. "People who don’t brush their teeth or change their clothes for days on end and reside in a place that reeks of cat piss..." (Homeless people? Poor people?)

"People who write to advice columnists whining about how their stay-at-home wives — who iron their shirts, make their lunch every day and care for the kids — sometimes leave shoes in the hallway." (I don't even know what she means with this.)

Also, people in abusive relationships? It's WAY more complicated than that. "Dump them" sometimes isn't even an option. Stupid, stupid naive rich feminists.

That's it. I stop following this shit.
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I'm so, so, so incredibly, infinitely TIRED of reading USA's left about Osama Bin Laden's assassination. Seriously: "this just makes us exactly like those people we are fighting!"

Uhm. No. Your country have bombed, ruined countries. Economically terrorized and exploited the developing world.

Whatever you do, I don't think there is a single Nation that can compare to you right now. This just shows you can do whatever you want in any country in the world without any consequence whatsoever.


  • Nov. 17th, 2010 at 12:43 AM
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I was writing a kinda long post about this article here: For Catholics, Interest in Exorcism Is Revived.

About how it annoys me, also the racist priest, also the stupid condescending (and clueless) commenters at Feministe, and all this shit in general.

Then I got tired. Because there isn't a single thing I can remotely consider non-fucked up about the whole thing. Neither side inspires me sympathy.

Don't know.

This shit again

  • Sep. 27th, 2010 at 9:26 PM
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Shakesville brings their White Women Being Superior's asses to the yard. Because Melissa wanted to complain about a white man being sexist. But she missed he was being sexist AND racist. So she took the opportunity to be a little racist by herself.

the northeastern region of Thailand which has become a destination for Western men who are "drawn by the low cost of living, slow pace of life and the exotic reputation of Thai women."

Which has nothing to do with colonization, imperialism, and capitalism.

But this is the jewel I want to share:

Endemic extreme poverty, an economy in which even a small US pension makes you a rich man, and a vulnerable and easily exploitable population of women whose education, if there was any to speak of, didn't exactly introduce them to feminist concepts. Just your basic MRA paradise.

See me throw up. White women. Always paternalistic, knowing nothing about the situation of "those poor women" (and their countries) who, of course, are a monolith. And don't know better.

It SO reminded me to this wonderful essay: Ouch! Western feminists' 'wounded attachment' to the 'third world prostitute'

I now turn to the second of Liddle and Rai's contentions about the workings of orientalist power in feminist discourse: that orientalist power is invoked discursively when male oppression and female resistance are characterized in such as way to reinforce a 'hierarchy of civilization'. Barry's work, and the campaign rhetoric of CATW, clearly locate trafficking within 'backward', traditional societies (see Kempadoo 1998). As in Victorian feminists' Indian campaign, 'traditional and religious practices' are seen as the root of the problem of trafficking:


This attitude-that third world women, and prostitutes in particular — are victims of their (backward, barbaric) cultures is pervasive in the rhetoric of CATW and in those western feminist organizations that have joined their CATW's campaign around the Vienna Protocol against trafficking. According to Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt,

In the U.S., we tend to see the issue of trafficking and forced prostitution through the lens of our affluent democratic society. In many cultures, women and girls have no power and very limited rights so that their vulnerability to sex trafficking is high (quoted in Soriano 2000: 3).

The co-director of CATW stated recently

In the global South and East, victims of the sex trade are often young women and girls who are desperately poor in cultures where females are expected to sacrifice themselves for the well being of their families and communities (Leidhold 1999: 4).

In CATW inspired feminist discourses, the 'third world' sex worker is presented as backward, innocent, and above all helpless — in need of rescue (Murray 1998, Doezema 1998, 2000). Through her, the superiority of the saving western body is marked and maintained.

Also, people, you know I ban if you annoy me. Just reminding you. I have no energy right now.


  • Sep. 18th, 2010 at 12:02 AM
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Dios. Necesito un lavado de ser. De nuevo. Pero mucho más profundo.

¿Saben lo que es tener que ir en un colectivo escuchando los griteríos que consisten en "cánticos" llenos de insultos sexuales misóginos y homófobos de un grupo de universitarios de 18-21 años (y algunos incluso mayores, dios me libre) clase media alta que trata de reafirmar su masculinidad?

Soy amable diciendo que eran cánticos; eran "puto," "puta," "huevos," "se la dan" al azar y en cualquier orden porque todos saben que eso te sube en la jerarquía de la macheza y lo hardcore. No se necesita creatividad con el oñembomachose (y "macho" por supuesto quiere decir, "hombre [cis] de gran pene y capacidad para someter sexualmente a cualquiera").

No me merecía eso. Nunca vuelvo a asomarme a esta porquería que son los juegos universitarios.

Aug. 13th, 2010

  • 6:00 PM
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Today my teacher, a woman of fifty-something with a PhD, talked a lot about random shit, said, "but it's not because I believe in that stupidity about classes differences and stuff, no, no one gives you anything, the poor is the poor, the rich is the rich..." and then, after more random things said something like, "because I'm a humanist." Or something.

All of this in class called, "Methodology of Radioisotopes."

This will be a long, long semester.

ETA: Also, I'm always loving folks in this country who seem to live in alternative realities. Because you have to be something to be working in a health area here and say shit like that. ("Something" meaning lots of things. For all I know this woman could be very into the politics of health departments, meaning money, but some things she said confused me. I guess I'm going to have a whole semester to figure it out! Yaaaay!)

Aug. 8th, 2010

  • 9:48 AM
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I'm not posting much or answering because my emotional state isn't so good due to having the shittiest family ever (I mean it people, some day I'm going to talk about this) and still dealing with that.

But seriously.

Who the fuck is this guy and why the hell should people care about the shit he thinks?

Fail, and some links

  • Aug. 4th, 2010 at 3:08 AM
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Everyone by now should know about the [ profile] ontd_p's fiasco. If not, here Keeva links to it. Someone was trolling, mocking, a trans woman in a post about transphobia. She of course got pissed, and got banned.

I just stumbled with Uppity Brown Woman has some good tips about dealing with privilege.

And she shares this thing of beauty: Common Behavioral Patterns that Perpetuate Power Relations of Domination:

The following chart shows some patterns people learn in order to survive in a hierarchical society. Not to conform to expected behavior risks social ostracism, privilege and /or one’s survival. These patterns take place in correspondence to each other; they are tendencies in relationships not personality characteristics.


Also, because my reading list is awesome, some interesting links:

Via [personal profile] dagas_isa: Morph-osaurs: How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us. Think all we don't know about dinosaurs and how much we lose because we won't ever see them alive.

Via Sociological Images: A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret:

The criminal brain has always held a fascination for James Fallon. For nearly 20 years, the neuroscientist at the University of California-Irvine has studied the brains of psychopaths. He studies the biological basis for behavior, and one of his specialties is to try to figure out how a killer's brain differs from yours and mine.

[...]After learning his violent family history, he examined the images and compared them with the brains of psychopaths. His wife's scan was normal. His mother: normal. His siblings: normal. His children: normal.

"And I took a look at my own PET scan and saw something disturbing that I did not talk about," he says.

What he didn't want to reveal was that his orbital cortex looks inactive.

"If you look at the PET scan, I look just like one of those killers."

Fallon cautions that this is a young field. Scientists are just beginning to study this area of the brain — much less the brains of criminals. Still, he says the evidence is accumulating that some people's brains predispose them toward violence and that psychopathic tendencies may be passed down from one generation to another.

You know, I haven't studied sociopaths for twenty years, but I'm kinda skeptic about the whole abuse-as-trigger thing. Well, yeah, abuse can mean a lot of things, but I guess it's already confirmed not all sociopath are violent killers (not even violent people), and some haven't survived considerable amount of violence. I guess there is still a lot to know.
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I blame ontd_feminism.

Man says he would never vote "guilty" if he were a jury in a rape case despite the evidence because menz are oprezzed by US's law. All the comments agree and consider him heroic because we live in a misandrist world. The whole site is a jewel. (Triggering for rape apologism, victim blaming and lot more shit I can't name.)

Also, there was this post featured about a white US senator saying white privileged was a myth because white people were impoverished.

Hmm. Some days.

News! Cis people being privileged assholes!

  • Jul. 12th, 2010 at 4:31 AM
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New York Times Says Trans People are Ethically Required to Out Themselves on Dates.

Randy Cohen, the ethicist, has declared that trans people are ethically required to disclose to their dates. He says:

Getting to know someone is a gradual process. I might panic if on a first date someone began talking about what to name the nine kids she’s eager for us to raise in our new home under the sea. Premature disclosure can be as unnerving as protracted concealment. But as partners cultivate romance, and particularly as they move toward erotic involvement, there are things each should reveal, things they would not mention to a casual acquaintance — any history of S.T.D.’s, for example, or the existence of any current spouse. Even before a first kiss, this person should have told you those things that you would regard as germane to this phase of your evolving relationship, including his being transgendered. Clearly he thought you’d find it pertinent; that’s why he discreditably withheld it, lest you reject him.

So he actually does use the word “panic” in that paragraph, which is kind of ominous. He also compares disclosing that you’re trans to disclosing STDs or whether you’re currently married to someone else.

As usually happens when it comes to trans people and dating, confidentiality and privacy are thrown out the window as soon as cis people insert themselves into the situation. Cohen (who is, by the way, a humorist and not an ethicist, who has written for the historically transphobic David Letterman show) says that it is fine for the cis woman who asked this question to out the trans man she dated to her friends, that her right to process something that doesn’t actually have a serious impact on her supercedes his right to privacy or any consideration for confidentiality.

He tries to soften it by saying “No handbills, and don’t ask him to announce it from the pulpit,” but as many of us have experienced, once someone outs you, the word can spread like wildfire. Cis people seem to think that learning that someone is trans is a particularly salacious and juicy rumor, one that will get passed around from person to person. It just takes hitting one cis person who doesn’t care more about your safety than about hir ability to get a cheap thrill exposing your secrets, and in my experience the majority of cis people are like this. Cohen even describes the trans man in question as discreditable, because he withheld this information until he was ready to divulge it. This is a pretty explicit acknowledgement of how many cis people view trans people: Our transness makes us discreditable. It doesn’t matter when we’re outed (by ourselves or others), once we are, we’re discreditable. Everything we say is doubted – about our competence, about our honesty, about our gender. Everything about us is false except what cis people allow us to have by inscribing upon us, usually against our will.

Oh, the fuck.

Sadly, very much needed to be said

  • Jun. 29th, 2010 at 10:37 PM
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Queen Emily writes: You don’t get to out me.

You can expose trans people to violence. You could get them fired. You could make it impossible for them to find work–word of mouth travels quickly in small towns or closeknit industries. They could be harassed so much they need to quit their job, or to need to move, or all kinds of things. You don’t know, because you’ve never had to live with the consequences. Just because you know and trust someone, doesn’t mean that I can. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be hateful to me, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they will be respectful of my confidentiality.

For most people, “trans” erases the bit that comes after. This is why you never ever see a headline that says “transsexual woman” [blah blah blah]. No, it just says “transsexual” and is used as a noun rather than the adjective it is. It conjures the ever present “really a man” transphobic trope (quick mental test: see if you can describe a trans person without using it). For women like me, living our lives as a woman is constituted as untruthful. When most cis people become aware that I’m trans, they start treating me different. I can see the change immediately – when pronoun “slips” start “accidentally” happening, when I stop being counted with the right group. Because it’s ingrained, isn’t it? In a cissexist culture, only cissexuality (or a trans person’s ability to appear cissexual) is truly real, and any hint of anything else invalidates the whole.

One time, I inadvertently outed myself to a group of students. I’d been teaching a tremendously interesting media studies class to first years; that is, mostly 17 and 18 year olds. The first three weeks went pretty well. We talked video games and violence, Hollywood, what they actually did with media. The discussions were engaged, it was all going fine. Then, a month in, I came down with a cold. My voice suddenly dropped an octave, because I couldn’t vocalise at my usual pitch. And like that, you could see the lights go on in their eyes. They’d realised I was trans.

Now, as these things go, it wasn’t truly awful (how low my expectations have become on that score). The next week, we did adbuster style cut-ups to jam dominant media messages and several groups turned in transphobic assignments, giggling their arses off. They were laughing at me. Another student spent the lesson interrupting me, telling the class how everything I was saying was stupid. And of course, a number of students stopped attending my classes altogether, trying to get into classes in the same unit run by other teachers. I was losing control of my classes.. and I was still bloody sick.

The point is, the mere fact of their knowing that I am trans meant that they, 17 and 18 year olds with scant knowledge of the subject they were taking, suddenly felt entitled to talk over me, to mock me openly when previously they had been respectful. Of itself, being subjected to ungendering takes its toll, especially if it’s something you experience frequently.


An also... uhm, yeah. You are going to do some groundbreaking work. I know it's SO the first time I heard that one.


  • Jun. 23rd, 2010 at 7:33 PM
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Why? Why can't fandom be a place where white people can be freely racist and POC can act like caring and patient educators for them?

We have to start learning that the single objective of showing our anger over, I don't know, trivializing the death of thousand real black people by using them as kink-material for white writers, has always been Making White People Learn! After all, their education is always above our dehumanization, our anger, and or feelings.

If they don't feel comfortable because we are upset at their racism, well, we have to stop acting so savagely. They won't care- well, they never cared int he first place, but we? We have to care about making them care. Otherwise, there is no point.

Them not paying attention to our feelings and not regarding us as human being is a secondary matter. Our priority always always has to be to not make them scared of voicing their, I'm sure, enlightening opinions.

Except no. And fuck you kindly. As you see, what you ask is not a two-way road. Respect people and then you may be entitled to their respect; dehumanize people... and well, they may call you out, you know. That thing you fear so much is not even comparable to, you know, the offense which is part again of our constant dehumanization. (Well, maybe it is comparable if you take into account that POC are not people.)

ETA: This is public, people, and I really don't care what you think about it. (Unless I screw up in something involves my privilege. Real privilege. That power thing you may not like to look at.) But this is still my place, and I will ban you if you annoy me with "reverse ism" shit. Yes, as you may have noticed by this post, I don't feel like educating random strangers.
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I have been avoiding talking about the SPN shit because some of the responses this got made me sick to my stomach and I'm still damn busy.

What kind of bubble are some people living into? People. Context. Nuances. Do you know how many people, real people of color, did the Haiti's Earthquake kill early this year? And yet, you still think that the worst thing that could happen is "bringing your agenda into fandom." Instead of, you know, respecting a tragedy and its victims.

Dear fucking God, it's hardly the first time something like this has happened to fandom and yet people affected (marginalized people) have to smile and let the fucking white assholes go on with their kinks on their tragedies without saying anything because otherwise "would be stirring things up." Dehumanization of actual people? Secondary matters to privileged people's kinks.

Fucking privileged assholes. The sociopathy going on in some of these comments is amazing.

For the record, if you say that "showing anger over this is worst than the actual offense" you are a offense to my humanity. No argument.

Jun. 16th, 2010

  • 6:28 PM
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Dude. Red-haired Argentinian Fox Sports reporter. Dude. Please stop. doing. "enlightening" comments about South African people. Please.

Also, to every Sports "Latin American" channels on cable? I know Argentina plays tomorrow. It's the only thing you have been talking about all week. (I think, not sure, they are supposed to be Latin American - ESPN, Fox Sports, etc? But since most of these reporters are Argentinian anyway...)

Still on hiatus. Dear God, World Cup, if you only let me study.

ETA: Also, this is the most disgusting kind of thing I have seen around in this cup. There is this attempt by European (mostly British, because that's what I've seen) audience/press to humiliate and mock a group of people under a totalitarian dictatorship. Dude, you aren't being progressive, you are just showing your whitey ass because you want to appear superior, oh, you can talk shit and your life isn't in danger! (And yes, this is why I call you "whitey.")
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I'm just tired.

As you know, I'm kinda busy right now (or should be), but I'm just finding kinda... something all these white people coming out to say how Awful and Insulting is to have false accusations of racism directed at them! How their reputation will be tainted if they HAPPEN to be victims of something like that!

So, to do something different, I'm going to write about black football players in Europe. Because people obviously don't want to talk about aversive racism. So I will talk about Overt Racism. Like, happening right now.

So I will write about players like Samuel Eto'o. Samuel Eto'o and his career in Spain, and how white media and public react with these incidents, feeding up a very complex systemic issue. And white people, cry me a river. (And yeah, what happens in these games is part of our reality and important. Just because I know someone will come out and say, "oh, but these people are all just like that! It's part of the game!! Boys will be boys!! I don't take them seriously!!! yaddayadda!!" as if, you know, it doesn't impact real people. So I will not hit you because I'm a good girl. A good girl behind a monitor who can't reach you.)

Yeah, this is just a Wikipedia's article, I have other things, but I can't do this right now:

[...] However, infuriated again by Zaragoza fans' racist chants the next season, Eto'o attempted to walk off the pitch in protest. His teammates intervened and convinced him to continue playing. Video of the incident captured him saying "No más" ("No more") as he walked to the sidelines.

Due to ongoing racism from La Liga crowds, Eto'o no longer brings family members, especially his children, to matches. "It is something that has affected me personally. I think players, leaders, and the media have to join forces so that no one feels looked down upon because of the colour of their skin. At this moment in time I prefer my children don't go to football matches. In the stands they have to listen to things that are difficult to explain to a child. It is better they aren't exposed to it."

I tend to forget these things so I write them. But someone also remind me when my exams are done. Because I fail. (God, I hope I don't forget.) I'm off. For real now.

Post Racial USA

  • Apr. 29th, 2010 at 6:49 PM
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Uhm, I believe some African-Americans would be more than ready to teach you some things about genetics, sweetheart.

The irony of the woman talking about intelligence.

Dear Fucking Shit. And the that Law site, in which the poster, who really doesn't understand the outrage (oh, white racist people), wants to have a "conversation in which is explained how black people aren't genetically inferior [on intelligence, no less] to white people," (besides being awfully wrong, dude, I think those things you are taught in school when you learn that, uhm, people from different races, you know, can have kids!) and the comments on it. Can people be that stupid? Seriously, what in the fucking hell?

So. Is there a gene that predisposes white people of being racist assholes also? (And please, people, I know the answer of that, okay.)

Last thing, then I go to study

  • Apr. 25th, 2010 at 6:08 PM
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Here is a Facebook group to recommend: Stop Racism in Spanish-language TV and Media.

Recibí esto de Carlos Quiroz. Si pueden también denuncien estos grupos (ya que Facebook no tuvo problema para quitar el de Racebending...):

Organización afro peruana LUNDU recibe amenazas de violencia después de suspensión de personaje racista “Negro Mama“ en Lima [VIDEO]

La organización LUNDU Centro Afroperuano de Estudios y Promoción, ubicada en Lima, ha denunciado que está siendo objeto de amenazas verbales de violencia, a través de mensajes recibidos vía telefónica, email, correo e internet.


Mónica Carrillo, la directora de LUNDU y Sergio Molina, el director de prensa, confirman vía email que hay hasta cinco grupos de Facebook que promueven odio y racismo contra los indígenas y afro peruanos, sumando un total de más de 8,000 miembros en conjunto:

"La mayoría de estos sitios web tienen mensajes que son extremadamente violentos y racistas, incluso hay una página de Facebook con mi nombre, y esto me hace pensar que yo podría estar expuesta a situaciones de violencia física" denuncia Mónica Carrillo.

Please report these groups for abuse, the reason is "Racism" obviously, even if you don't understand Spanish, the pictures are pretty obvious:


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