Huh. Most of you may not know it, but

  • Jun. 25th, 2012 at 7:10 PM
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Here a president was impeached and removed from office in the blink of a eye (very irregular process thanks to the corruption of our Parliamentarian system), unleashing a diplomatic crisis.

And this place is so far off my real life.

My real life is killing me

  • Jun. 19th, 2012 at 10:26 PM
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And we are also in the middle of a social, political crisis here; and I can't afford listening to people right now. For my own health.

I need distractions.

Fuck you. FUck you veyr much.

  • Jan. 11th, 2012 at 12:27 PM
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Nativos son interceptados en la Terminal de Ómnibus por la policía y llevados a cuartel militar.

So. This is what happens. A group of Indigenous people come to the capital and are intercepted by police and taken to a military facility. Because they arrived to protest.

VENT. I need to.

  • Jan. 8th, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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This happened here.

Now, save me from the assholery of the middle/high classed non-indigenous people I know and FB contacts (and non-contacts, there is this racist, UBER ANNOYING guy in my school who fancies himself an intellectual, believes is better than everyone, is SO ENTITLED that everyone has to heard him/ read him because he loves European culture and has an obsession with me reading every shit he writes, even when I already deleted him from my contacts, man, I just need to vent againts these kind of assholes because everybody in my rl LOVES THEM) who believe is THEIR RIGHT to have a park... without indigenous people. Because "indians make it dirty."

Of course, they don't care and won't move a finger about the racism, the classism, the awful conditions in which indigenous people live and how are abused in this country. But they want a park for themselves. And "Indians abuse of the park!" Even when most of these assholes won't even put a feet in that park in most of their lives. Mind you, they live in other cities and stuff.

Also. The Municipality PUT BARS in a public Park just to keep protesters away from it. Protesters who are indigenous people and Sin Techo who inhabit the park until someone from the government carry out their pledges. (Ans you imagine, middle classes are bothered that poor people are living in the park.)

Paraguay's independence

  • May. 15th, 2011 at 3:00 PM
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Well, today make exactly 200 years that my country is independent from Spain. So happy birthday, country! (And yes, my country is small and poor so International media aren't exactly noticing this.) The celebrations here have been AMAZING.

Also, am I the only one who wants to hit her face on her desk when a new Feministe's post comes out? Really, that site has being uber frustrating and faily lately. About everything.

lo que más necesitamos

  • Sep. 23rd, 2010 at 2:05 PM
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USA wants to bring their military here. The project name, "Nuevos Horizontes" (New Horizons) is very telling.

And our middle class is very stupid and the small elite that makes the upper class is very... happy. We have a lot of troubles regarding our governability thanks to our president's cancer, his private life, how he is part of a movement that took down the most powerful and corrupt political group of our country, and a paramilitary kidnapping group that consisted on seven people, but the right used as a scape goat for all our troubles, magnifying its influence and calling it "leftist" (no wonder a number of people that were in positions of power, like Ministers, were from the left and most of them resigned, were kicked out, etc.)

Un buen artículo: La geopolítica de las bases militares de los Estados Unidos en Colombia

La disputa por las reservas de petróleo y gas natural, que estarían agotadas en menos de 80 años con los niveles de consumo actual, han significado el aumento de las tensiones en la periferia del poder capitalista en Oriente medio, el Cáucaso, Asia central y Latinoamérica. Lugares donde los Estados Unidos y sus socios hacen ingentes esfuerzos por controlar el suministro de recursos estratégicos, utilizando para ello planes de guerra e intervención, que van desde la ocupación directa, las guerras preventivas y humanitarias, el uso de separatistas mafiosos, de fundamentalistas islámicos y de regímenes corruptos y gansteriles para implementar planes de desestabilización regional, propicios para el posterior establecimiento de economías multinacionales de enclave en los territorios dominados.


Finalmente, sobre el sofisma que rodea la intervención militar de los EU en el conflicto colombiano y su internacionalización, habría que anotar que las siete bases y los 1.400 militares y mercenarios gringos en Colombia servirán para todo, menos para el propagandizado objetivo de la victoria militar sobre las guerrillas. Basta recordar que las invasiones de los EU no lograron exterminar a las guerrillas en Vietnam, ni en Irak, ni mucho menos en Afganistán. Esto para los que ven demasiada televisión y creen que el problema colombiano se resume en la existencia de dos guerrillas.

Las siete bases tampoco nos llevarán al “anhelado” fin del narcotráfico, basta también recordar que bajo la ocupación de los EU a Afganistán se ha llegado a cifras record de presencia de cultivos de amapola y de exportación de opio desde ese bombardeado país. Y que en nuestro país después de 6 años de Plan Colombia, de miles de muertos y de 6.000 millones de dólares gastados en plomo y veneno, contamos con más de 100.000 hectáreas de cultivos de coca y exportamos, sin mucho problema, 900 toneladas de cocaína al año.

Nosotros que ya tenemos problemas de abuso con Argentina y Brasil, paises más ricos que nosotros, que nos roban la mitad del Pilcomayo cuando nuestro Chaco se seca y nuestra hidroeléctrica, respectivamente, no quiero saber lo que será si dejamos que esta superpotencia capitalsita se nos meta hasta en los huevos.
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Okay, apparently this ESPN guy didn't like Paraguay's play, he found it boring, which is understandable; but then he wrote this to apparently justify his dislike for Paraguayan play:

A fuckery that no one will make me put a proper name.

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that I've taken the time to learn more about your country these last few days, because I've been so intrigued by your seeming national capacity to take the fun out of everything, including the game I love.

Apparently, there are nearly 7 million of you, my dear Paraguayans, landlocked in the middle of South America, bored out of your minds. I understand that your capital is Asuncion and that your climate ranges from subtropical to semiarid. I'm thinking more of you must live in the semi-arid region than not, but I stand to be corrected.


I will say -- and I mean this -- that I was stunned to learn that you fended off Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay for six years, between 1864 and 1870, in the War of the Triple Alliance. That seems like a terrifically unfair fight, and I understand it was nearly the end of you. I'm glad it wasn't. I think the world would be poorer without Paraguay in it. I can trust only that you took some comfort in knowing that two-thirds of that Triple Alliance were sent packing in the quarterfinals along with you, and that Uruguay is only still here because Uruguayans, the lesser Guayans, are unsporting, heartbreaking thieves.

I'm sorry, white guy, for taking the fun of your hobbies by existing. You don't have idea how much anguish causes me to ruin the squee of some white Canadian guy because I breath.

You are talking, mocking and trivializing a war that ended in genocide, our genocide, a third world country genocide because... you don't like our football.

And the guy learned of Paraguay in like... a week. So he is a authority to mock a poor developing country's population. (Bored out of our minds? Oh, such a great comedy, you know. Because this isn't a country where people will wish they had some time to be bored instead of surviving. Unlike First World Asshats.)

Also, the fucking disgusting fetishizing that is happening because these white men find a Paraguayan model to be such a novelty.

I mean, I'm tired and don't want to go deep about this because then I will have to go deep about Spain and all the shit it also brought. But seriously white people? You make me so damn tired. You and your incapacity to understand basic and kinda intuitive political concepts that seriously aren't that hard to understand. Your arrogance, your inability to accept privilege, while common and normal, it make me completely and fucking sick out of my mind. And I put like this because I feel kinda nice. So please, get away from me unless you star to grasp some basic things. Like decency.

You also have to learn about history and political and economical context. That is kinda harder, but you need to before talking about "the inferiority" of Developing Nations. Yes, also, actual markets and global economy.

(I also ban and mock people. Ban and mock. Keep it in mind. I don't have "constructive conversations" that aren't really constructive. Just warning. If I hear a "you are generalizing and being just as racist!!" again it will be too soon.)


  • Apr. 23rd, 2010 at 3:44 AM
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Porque Mako me alegra el día encontrando estas cosas que ni yo sabía que existían:

SOMOS GAY. Ñande Joja ha Rory.

SOMOSGAY, inicia su trabajo como una asociación solidaria comprometida con la innovación de estrategias efectivas contra la homofobia; la mejora de la prevención del VIH y el sida; la defensa de los derechos de las personas afectadas por este virus y el avance de los derechos humanos en el Paraguay.

Reconocemos a nuestra lengua guaraní como la principal herencia cultural de nuestra nación, expresamos nuestra visión en la frase en guaraní ÑANDE JOJA HA RORY , (traducido SOMOS IGUALES Y FELICES). Como organización nos reconocemos herederos de la nación guaraní, marcada por su lucha contra la opresión, la desigualdad, la violencia y reivindicamos nuestro andar hacia el Yvy Marane’y (la Tierra sin Mal) de nuestros ancestros, una sociedad en donde podamos vivir todos los paraguayos y paraguayas sin exclusiones y con dignidad.

Y acá, en "Buen Día Paraguay" de PARAVISIÓN:

Estas cosas me alegran la semana.


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