Dec. 5th, 2008

  • 7:11 PM
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Oh, my exam went damn good. I think. Anyway, I'm so, so tired. My neck hurts. The only thing I want to do is.... to be. Don't even want to write this. (Hey, I like melodrama.)

Sadly, this subject's final is on the 26th. So still isn't over. See ya tomorrow, gals. So tired today.

PD: By the way, LJ screw Smooth Sailing. Hence I have no layout. I have this instead.

Aug. 28th, 2008

  • 8:45 PM
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I'm feeling very down due to some shit (I'm Rose there by the way; and people, please, I mean it when I say this upsets me greatly, I will ban you if you continue with the shit here, I have no energy for more). Not even posting it at [ profile] dot_race_snark made it better. I'm not in mood for much, and my eyes are hurting me. Literally. I'm getting teary just by looking at the computer screen, I think I'll need glasses.

Volviendo a cosas fandomeriles, y porque conseguí los scans en español, leí Watchmen y V de Vendetta, ambas de Alan Moore.

No esperaba que me gustaran tanto. Watchmen fue una gran sorpresa por llevarse abajo la grandiosidad y mitología del 'Super-héroe Americano', por su increíble uso de metáforas, y por tener una narración y ambientación impresionantes, entre otras cosas. V de Vendetta fue... grandiosa. Trataba mucho mejor los asuntos de raza y sexo de lo que Watchmen lo hacía (tampoco era perfecta), y era mucho más política. Más sofisticada y mejor ejecutada que Watchmen, también. Aunque dudo que vuelva a leer comics estadounidenses, éstas dos fueron una grata experiencia. Tal vez vuelva a leer alguna de Alan Moore.

And, via WOC Phd, Writing as Resistance, Writing as Love by Joanna Kadi. Very Recommended.

EDIT: [ profile] ilunen hizo muy bien, y me corrigió en los comentarios. ^^; Watchmen, y V for Vendetta no están escritas por un estadounidense, y la última ni siquiera se publicó originalmente en USA. Gracias!

Aug. 15th, 2008

  • 7:07 PM
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Hoy fue la asunción de Lugo como presidente de la república, y no recuerdo haber visto algo así acá en el pasado.

La gente tiene de verdad está emocionada. Espero que no sea defraudada.

ETA: okay... ¿qué mierda?

The bleeding of the rose

  • Jul. 8th, 2008 at 11:24 PM
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The Red Rose Rages (Bleeding) is an astonishing and thought-provoking novella by L. Timmel Duchamp. It's the first book I read by her, but it definitely won't be the last.

Feminist science fiction set in a dystopian (but no alien at all) future, exploring the relationship of power between a medical officer working in an all-women's facility of a prison and her brilliant patient/prisoner. The amorality of corporations -the placing of profit over humans lives specifically- that reflects our capitalist present is a major theme.

Slightly spoilery commentary. )

While I was looking if someone talked about the book ending (which was not-so-clear to me), I discovered some pretty ugly things that make me feel shame about my own ignorance - hey, I'm no part of a World Power, but I should have at least heard about these things, and I didn't. I know, most of you probably know all this. But here? It wasn't even a word about it that I can remember. And those are some things nobody shouldn't forget because they show how accepted torture and abuse can be in a environment where some individuals have a lot of power.


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