Apr. 30th, 2010

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[personal profile] dagas_isa writes about Liar Game's manga here. Not reading much because I don't want to spoil myself, but so have to continue with this manga.


Via [personal profile] the_future_modernes: Examining interethnic prejudice in a racist society:

I’ve heard other versions of people of color vs. other people of color. I’ve only heard these from white people, and I’ve heard them any of a number of times. When touring Nanjing with a bunch of white people, three separate individuals made the point of approaching me to ask if I knew about the Rape of Nanjing. I’d learned about it when I was in middle school. I remember specifically because a group of us went to the university library where we had privileges to find out exactly why the Chinese hate the Japanese.

And there I was again, being told by white people that the Chinese hate the Japanese.


On the other hand, the number of times I’ve been assaulted by racism (sometimes literally) at the hands of white people (again, sometimes literally) are too many to count. In fact, some incidents I have blocked completely out of my consciousness.

Why then the fear of people of color?


Au napptural commented as follows about the case in which two 18-year-old African American men were charged with an attack on two Asian Americans:

Strange thing, I went to read the comments, and instead of the usual “it wasn’t a hate crime, just a crime” diatribe, nearly all 1000 of the commenters were roundly wishing death on the assailants, complete with racist rhetoric. I guess if the assailant is black and the vic isn’t, it’s an outrage after all, even if the vic isn’t white. Not trying to derail, but a big difference from the case of the Asian men being pushed into river or the Mexican teenager beaten by the white teenagers, don’t you think?

Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak, white men who killed a Latino immigrant, set upon their victim as members of a pack. But nobody talked about “wilding.” Nobody talked about how those white people are. (Because we don’t have any kind of slur for white people that compares to the n-word.) They talked about the altar boy and the honor student.

I am not excusing the African American 18-year-old who killed Tiansheng Yu, but I don’t think that attack was nearly as violent or as prolonged as the one instigated by Piekarsky and Donchak. Yu apparently fell and hit his head on the pavement. Luis Ramirez was beaten, kicked and punched, including vicious kicks to the head while he was lying helpless on the ground. Piekarsky and Donchak were convicted of simple assault. The mitigating factor? The victim was an undocumented immigrant. That, and the fact that Piekarsky and Donchak are not hampered by fears of criminality that are explicitly tied to their race and deeply ingrained in our collective psyche.

[...] read one story about Tiansheng Yu’s widow, which briefly mentioned that members of the African American community had gathered to support her. But it is not the major story out there. And despite multiple attacks on Asian Americans, very few news stories have connected the dots. Many insist that it’s not about race.

Here’s a recent article by SF Examiner writer Erin Sherbert. It is surprising in that it talks about the tension between communities. But it does not talk about the work the communities are doing together.


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