Ashajgs porque no lo supero

  • Dec. 26th, 2010 at 2:36 AM
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Kaze no Machi He en español cantado por una fan latina. IMPRESIONANTE lo perfecto que le quedó.


Indulging in some fandom nostalgia

  • Sep. 5th, 2010 at 7:59 PM
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Ah, Tsubasa, hon, I miss you. What happened to us? Ah, yeah. You ended. Damn you. *goes to look for fanfic* (Mako, este es tu post para exponer todas las teorías raras que tengas al respecto. Vos que le das a lo del pensamiento lateral.)

I was also re-reading Watchmen.

I also have an exam that I'm totally ignoring.


  • Nov. 18th, 2009 at 6:09 PM
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Okay. I shouldn't be here in a way that isn't cute or funny.

But this week is like earlier Christmas for my fandom and my OTP, so YAAAAAAAAAAY! Gorgeous pics all around.

Some day I will talk about this conversation I had with Kiri about Fei Wong Reed attractiveness and how it affects fandom's reception and probably CLAMP's treatment, specially comparing him with other CLAMP's bastards around (Taishakuten, Okiura, etc., I'm looking at you).

Off to study. Now. For real.

Nov. 16th, 2009

  • 7:36 PM
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Wow. Primero, lo mejor: la grandiosa [ profile] fujurpreux tradujo al español el discurso del video de Chimamanda Adichie. *___*

Well, my exam went.. hm.

Anyway, Tsubasa fandom, you aren't doing things better for me. I know people are young. I know, hell, I am. But my desire to just stop reading my fl was never so great. Seriously, from entitled KF fans, to "oppressed" Syao-Saku fans, with the gem "the Japanese are privileged because only them can see the shippy pics! Poor western us!"

What is with the stupid this week? I'm not going to tell people how to act about their fandom relationships and squees because that's just senseless, but could you, I don't know... get over yourself?

I want chocolate. I miss chocolate, damn it.

I'm running out of time

  • Oct. 5th, 2009 at 8:20 PM
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I'm here because my sister is dyeing her hair in my study place.

Tsubasa's epilogue v.2 )

Now that we are on the topic

  • Sep. 30th, 2009 at 5:18 PM
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Khaos Komix is a webcomic about queer people. I just started reading, and have only read the fifth story called Tom's Story. Which is great. It deal with trans issues without being tragic and melodramatic. It's humorous and realistic, I think it's very positive, but also can be very triggering.

Tom's story is the story of a trans man, we also see something of Charlie's story, a trans woman who is his friend. Trans people in fiction well depicted. I know. It may not be perfect, nothing is, but it's damn good. Fresh air since trans people are extremely disrespected in media.

Tom's story, kinda spoilery )

I have to admit I haven't finished Tom's story, but it looks really good so far. Very recommended.

In other issue: Tsubasa fandom. Get over yourself. Entitled Fandom should be a second name for CLAMP's fandom. *rolls eyes to the infinite*

Sep. 30th, 2009

  • 1:53 AM
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You know, I was planing to write a long and moving post about me and Tsubasa, how I created my livejournal just to talk about the series (yeah, go look for my first post don't go okay! It was just... rhetoric, thank you Sha!), etc., etc., but since this apparently doesn't conclude the series, I will write it by next chapter. Or when XXXholic ends. Or when I'm 100% sure the story has been concluded. I swear the moving post titled, "Tsubasa and me: a stormy story" will come some day (maybe not with that exact title).

Tsubasa 232 )

My exam got suspended for the 12. So yeah, you see me here.

Sep. 26th, 2009

  • 5:49 PM
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Tsubasa, I know you don't love me like I love you, the time taught me how to accept that, but at least you could have had the decency to not end a day before my P-Chem exam.


By the way, people, I'm not reading spoilers. I know they are there. I'm not reading them.


Sep. 11th, 2009

  • 12:20 PM
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Arg. ARG. Damn it, CLAMP. Tsubasa ends in two chapter.

Spoilers for latest chapters )

SOME IMPORTANT ETA HERE: People, we are adults. I don't have to tell you to put spoilers under cut and stuff when these last two chapters come out. A cut never killed someone before. Talk all you want UNDER them. No hints. Thank you so much por adelantado (yeah, I don't know how to say that in english, it kinda sounds cool like that).

Yeah, I have to study now. And, uhm, yeah, those exams. Let's not talk about those. Who does want to hear about exams? Certainly not me.

ETA: Dude. DW isn't crossposting and nobody tells me. Woe.

Sep. 11th, 2009

  • 11:49 AM
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Arg. ARG. Damn it, CLAMP. Tsubasa ends in two chapter.

Spoilers for latest chapters )

Yeah, I have to study now. And, uhm, yeah, those exams. Let's not talk about those. Who does want to hear about exams? Certainly not me.

Sep. 7th, 2009

  • 6:17 PM
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My internet is being incredibly lousy, INCREDIBLE. So I can't even open DW right now (no cross-post), but thank you for all the birthday wishes! (Gracias, corazón de melón! &hearts). Really, people, you make me happy.

Tsubasa 230 )

Aaah. Exams. Yeah. Damn.

Aug. 3rd, 2009

  • 6:14 PM
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I think I have said this a lot before, but maybe most of you weren't there, maybe it has passed more time than I think, but anyway:

People, please, put your reactions of latest Tsubasa and XXXholic (these are the fandoms that give me this problem the most) under cut. I know those aren't spoilers for you, and I understand. But cutting spoilers isn't for you. I find reactions to later chapters spoilering. Thank you.

(Since a lot of people don't like cutting reactions, I can do what some people do: filtering people who can spoiler me. But since I never know when the chapters come, I will have to CUT MY WHOLE FRIENDLIST like... most of the time. :/)

Tsubasa 226 spoilers )

ETA: XXXholic 185 )

I started classes today. So not yay. I don't know if I will be here a lot of time, my schedule is mostly from 09:00 to 20:00, and, well, I'm lucky I know, but entire mornings of P-chem don't excite me a lot. *sighs*
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Pausing study times because I cannot resist this. Just too damn... ugh.

Disclaimer: I'm not exactly the most versed person in USA's pop culture, so you have to forgive my ignorance.

I was having lunch while my little cousin was watching some MTV special called "Michael Jackson Greatest TV moments" or something. They were discussing some of the man's videos; this one, for a song I can't remember, was located in an Ancient Egyptian setting, Jackson was some kind of entertainer for Queen Nefertiti. (People here will probably know better about this video than me.) In this pop version of Nefertiti's time, she was played by supermodel Iman, the Pharaoh was played by Eddie Murphy, and everyone else in the set was black.

I was barely watching TV because my mind is full of three exams, but when I saw that video I remember thinking something like, "well, I think Jackson was trying to look for at least a minimal accuracy by no casting white people."

When the commentary about the video was finishing some white woman (I don't know who she was, I tell you I suck at this) was saying how, "also, the fact that Jackson casted African-Americans for this video was clearly a shown of black pride. He wanted to get close to his roots, his people."

I almost spit my food. Granted, I don't know why Jackson casted all black people. Maybe being a black man made him more aware of the white washing going on. But I will tell you something, that comment there? Just showed how ignorant and invested in white supremacy some white people are.

Egypt? Who did you expect him to cast? WHITE PEOPLE? Even if this was a pop music video, that statement was fucking ridiculous. Casting brown people to play the part of brown people is now "black pride".

Granted, there is a lot of debate about the "race" of ancient Egyptians. But dude. DUDE. Phenotypically, Iman is a lot more accurate Nefertiti than Liz Taylor is a Cleopatra. And having all black people is damn accurate for a music video.

What piss me off is that an all-white cast by a white person would obviously not represent "white pride" or something. Even if completely wrong.

ETA: What I meant to say is NOT that him doing it for being proud of his race was wrong or something. It's that when black people are cast to play Egyptians is a political statement, political correctness, etc., because what you would expect is white people playing Egyptians (emphasis, you know), no matter how wrong it is. And yeah, the latter is "white pride" and a political statement too, but for another post.

This brings me to the reconstructed face of the mummy attributed to Nefertiti. And how, googling for this, in some blog I saw people saying that "the [face] reconstruction was political correctness gone wrong. Nefertiti was white." (I know there is a bust of her with uber-light skin, I'm kinda sure the painting was a retouching.)

So, here you have a not so tangential rant: there is a reason I hate the term "political correctness".

"Political Correctness" = As icon says, meeting minimal standards of decent human.
And apparently, "Political Correctness" = Meeting minimal standards of historical accuracy.

I'm so tired of this shit, I'm so tired of hearing things like "political correctness," or "tokenism". And privileged idiots complaining that people are just SO sensitive for wanting to pretend that whites aren't the only people inhabitating this world. Or white people going about the "post-racialness" of the first world. *rolls eyes*

"Political correctness" means that the norm is white washing, oppression, objectification. Power differences that affect real people's lives and make things shittier for them? Don't exist because the privileged don't want to bother about them.

... Uhm, this was supposed to be shorter and sound angrier. It's been a while since someone screamed "reverse racism!" at my face.

Totally unrelated, damn hot fic that I have never read before (not work safe obviously). And I made myself proud knowing all that is worth out there for KuroFay. Damn.

I was making icons with the help of [ profile] outou's great tutorial and these bases. Well, one icon! But I don't have much time.


  • Mar. 25th, 2009 at 7:39 PM
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Taken from [ profile] etrangere:

the meme

Finally started watching Michiko to Hatchin. On youtube, of course. You have no idea the pain that was downloading the subbed version of Tsubasa's OVA. *sighs ans kicks her internet*



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