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Is his article. I'm not even going to copy all of that shit here.

WARNING for transmisoginy, transphobia, cissexism, and slurs against trans women )

I kid you not. "PERHAPS" he is. Seriously. "PERHAPS."

Stupid, selfish asshole. Seriously. Stupid, selfish, and stupid asshole who has is extremely stupid. That's all I can say about this horrible person.

ETA: This article is from 2003, and I know it. And Dan Savage never apologized or acknowledged what he said. On the contrary, he defended his transphobic views and his use of transphobic slurs. You can google "Dan Savege" and "transphobia" and you will see the many instances were he does it recently.

VENT. I need to.

  • Jan. 8th, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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This happened here.

Now, save me from the assholery of the middle/high classed non-indigenous people I know and FB contacts (and non-contacts, there is this racist, UBER ANNOYING guy in my school who fancies himself an intellectual, believes is better than everyone, is SO ENTITLED that everyone has to heard him/ read him because he loves European culture and has an obsession with me reading every shit he writes, even when I already deleted him from my contacts, man, I just need to vent againts these kind of assholes because everybody in my rl LOVES THEM) who believe is THEIR RIGHT to have a park... without indigenous people. Because "indians make it dirty."

Of course, they don't care and won't move a finger about the racism, the classism, the awful conditions in which indigenous people live and how are abused in this country. But they want a park for themselves. And "Indians abuse of the park!" Even when most of these assholes won't even put a feet in that park in most of their lives. Mind you, they live in other cities and stuff.

Also. The Municipality PUT BARS in a public Park just to keep protesters away from it. Protesters who are indigenous people and Sin Techo who inhabit the park until someone from the government carry out their pledges. (Ans you imagine, middle classes are bothered that poor people are living in the park.)

Uhm. The world disgusts me today

  • Dec. 9th, 2011 at 12:28 AM
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Are people in this post actually proud?

Your left is a joke. No kidding.

Here is why I have been out of lj, or out of english-speaking media/blogs.

Fuck yeah, you fucking killers. And no, I don't have Operación Condor on my back. I may play that card.

ETA: And no, this is hardly my only reason for being disgusted today. But you people may not care about what shit some local bishop spew around.

Post Racial USA

  • Apr. 29th, 2010 at 6:49 PM
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Uhm, I believe some African-Americans would be more than ready to teach you some things about genetics, sweetheart.

The irony of the woman talking about intelligence.

Dear Fucking Shit. And the that Law site, in which the poster, who really doesn't understand the outrage (oh, white racist people), wants to have a "conversation in which is explained how black people aren't genetically inferior [on intelligence, no less] to white people," (besides being awfully wrong, dude, I think those things you are taught in school when you learn that, uhm, people from different races, you know, can have kids!) and the comments on it. Can people be that stupid? Seriously, what in the fucking hell?

So. Is there a gene that predisposes white people of being racist assholes also? (And please, people, I know the answer of that, okay.)


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