Michiko e Hatchin random squeeing again

  • Jan. 9th, 2010 at 11:12 PM
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OKAY PEOPLE. Remember that some ages ago I said that I was re-watching Michiko e Hatchin with my sister (she was watching it for the first time though)? Well, it took some time due to losing my HD thanks to a virus and my internet being lousy, but WE FINALLY FINISHED IT. And she LOVED it, she cried her eyes out, said it was great and made me so happy because I'm always trying to convert her like into fiction I love.

Kinda spoilery, but not very detailed thoughts about Michiko e Hatchin )

I will always recommend it to everyone. It's amazing.

Apr. 2nd, 2009

  • 6:15 PM
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Intestinal cramps strike again (diarrhea and everything). God, I feel so awful. I hate you, Salmonella.

Desde hace algún tiempo quería comentar este artículo: Black Latina por Delina D. Pryce.

In Peru, blacks are still being used as ornamental images--chauffeurs, pallbearers, valets, and servants. In Brazil, blacks are considered marginal members of society. In countless other Latin American countries, blacks are shut out of government and positions of power. Television shows, news programs, and beauty magazines omit dark faces. The denial of racial diversity in the media, government and business is much like what the United States faced 30 years ago. "We are looking for ways to improve our self-esteem because the society conveys to blacks that we are nothing We want to let people know that we are not only there to cook and play football "[soccer]" said Piedad Cordoba de Castro, the first black woman to become senator in Colombia, in a 1995 Dallas Morning News article.

This is why I think it is foolish for black Latinos to overlook their blackness and believe they are Hispanic like their countrymen of European ancestry." The effort to build a black consciousness movement in Latin America has been hobbled by the low level of racial identification among blacks," Cordoba de Castro said. A hierarchy exists within Latin American countries. Those of European ancestry are at the top and those of African heritage are at the bottom, one notch below indigenous people. Those of mixed race-mestizos (indigenous and Caucasian) and malattos (indigenous and Negroid)--fall some where in between. Many blacks are eager to point out their Indian blood thus elevating themselves above black.

Lo gracioso es que mi primera reacción fue ponerme a la defensiva, hasta que me di cuenta que no había nada que negar. Todo es completamente cierto. Y no hablemos acerca de los países donde la población negra es casi invisible: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, el mío (con altísima población indígena). Mucho para pensar, con la colonización que vivimos, nuestra cultura de "lo europeo es superior" es demasiado aceptada. (Ni me pongo hablar de la gente "blanca" que vive en países de América Latina que sale a decir que las cosas son muy diferentes por acá. Por supuesto que nada es idéntico, y las cosas son complejas en su propia y única manera, pero de ahí a que el privilegio de la gente blanca no existe es una gran idiotez. La gente no habla de él nada más.)

I'm finished Michiko e Hatchin. I'm re-watching it with my sister! XD I will make a long entry. Soon, I hope.

Mar. 29th, 2009

  • 11:02 PM
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I swear I will have more coherent thoughts once I'm finished.

Episode 19 )

ETA:Episode 20 )


  • Mar. 26th, 2009 at 8:47 PM
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Michiko to Hatchin, episodes 1-2 )

ETA: Things that could be considered spoilers for episode 3 in the comments.


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