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The memory of sexist abuse online.

Memory of pain is a peculiar thing. There’s no doubt that the online abuse I got then, hurt – but I have difficulty remembering what it felt like. I remember the disgust I felt at those cartoons: I don’t think I was afraid but I’m not sure I would remember feeling fear any more than I properly remember feeling pain – they’re both essentially visceral emotions, not easy to remember with your head years afterwards. What I do remember, from both then and now, is the anger, the frustration, at not being able to do anything to the men who were enjoying themselves hurting me. Reporting them to LJ Abuse ceased to be satisfying as an act of retaliation when it became clear after a few days that LJ Abuse intended to do nothing about them. Banning them from my journal was not satisfying when I knew they would simply create a new journal and comment again. I wanted those men to be stopped. I wanted them permanently off livejournal as their playground. I wanted the ones who’d posted the worst threats reported to their local law enforcement. I wanted LJ Abuse to take action, as according to their own TOS they were obliged to do. And I do remember exactly how it felt to know that they wouldn’t.

As a direct result of my experiences as a product that didn’t fit in the eggbox, I became an early adopter (2007) of the Internet proverb that if you’re not paying, you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Website corporations will only care about online abuse of “the product” if it makes “the product” less saleable: and the online abusers, let’s not forget, are also “the product”. And it appears quite likely to me that they are considered a better “product” than we are – this is a gendered situation, with women overwhelmingly those being abused in this way. Women are traditionally, simply not considered as valuable an audience for advertisers. Why would our corporate overlords care if online abusers drive women away from their site, so long as the men stay?


The reality of online abuse is that some men hate women. As Sian at Crooked Rib points out, there is a recognisable set of excuses by men to make out that it doesn’t happen. The reason why so many website hosts ignore it or treat it as unimportant – we’re not useful product. Of course that perception too is rooted in sexism, and the use of sexist abuse to silence women is, as Laurie Penny points out, Older Than Dirt.

DW codes, people. Because LJ is a scary shit.

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What the hell is wrong with Livejournal? Why can't I post anything at all?


LJ down, Google evades taxes like whoa

  • Nov. 16th, 2010 at 3:38 PM
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To nobody's surprise, LJ is down for me again (and yes, it's only me).

Corporate Tricks Of The Trade. Or how big Corporations evade paying the taxes they should pay.

The story begins by noting that: “Google has made $11.1 billion overseas since 2007. It paid just 2.4 percent in taxes. And that’s legal.” This is pretty incredible because Google does business in many advanced capitalist countries with high tax rates. For example, “The corporate tax rate in the U.K., Google’s second-largest market after the U.S., is 28 percent.”

[...] So, how did Google get its profits to Bermuda? Businessweek explains:

Google’s profits travel to the island’s white sands via a convoluted route known to tax lawyers as the “Double Irish” and the “Dutch Sandwich.” In Google’s case, it generally works like this: When a company in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa purchases a search ad through Google, it sends the money to Google Ireland. The Irish government taxes corporate profits at 12.5 percent, but Google mostly escapes that tax because its earnings don’t stay in the Dublin office, which reported a pretax profit of less than 1 percent of revenues in 2008.

Irish law makes it difficult for Google to send the money directly to Bermuda without incurring a large tax hit, so the payment makes a brief detour through the Netherlands, since Ireland doesn’t tax certain payments to companies in other European Union states. Once the money is in the Netherlands, Google can take advantage of generous Dutch tax laws. Its subsidiary there, Google Netherlands Holdings, is just a shell (it has no employees) and passes on about 99.8 percent of what it collects to Bermuda. (The subsidiary managed in Bermuda is technically an Irish company, hence the “Double Irish” nickname.)

This set-up (as Businessweek describes it) also helps Google lower its tax bill in the U.S. Google Ireland licenses its search and advertizing technology from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Obviously this technology is worth a lot—but Google headquarters keeps the licensing fee to Google Ireland low. Doing so means that Google headquarters can minimize its U.S. earnings and thus its tax obligations to the U.S. government. And of course, Google Ireland knows how to move its profits around to minimize its tax liabilities.

Sep. 2nd, 2010

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Since LJ is unashamedly making war against privacy, I have 6 DW codes if someone wants them:










Also, I don't need to tell you to NOT crosspost private things on my journal, or private comments of mine elsewhere.

May. 3rd, 2010

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Via [personal profile] jhameia:

End Discrimination Against Transgender Women – The Marla Bendini Incident.

Marla Bendini, a transgender woman and an established artist and pole dancer was thrown out of a popular nightspot on Clarke Quay, Singapore, even though she was part of a group engaged to perform at the club. To add insult to injury, she was insulted by the club’s management. Her distress was visible and it was also witnessed by her fellow pole dancers.

[...] As Founding Working Group member of the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network, I will investigate incidents of abuse against transgender women in Singapore and the region. If the incidents are proven to be true, we will pursue further action against the organisation involved.

If you support the right of transgender women to be treated with respect and dignity, be a fan of our facegroup page here.

And Monica Roberts at Transgriot has received an email press release from Leona Lo:

A group of transgender women in Singapore have rallied to issue a joint call to Clarke Quay night spot operators to stop discriminating against transgender women. The latest incident involving a transgender patron has sparked outrage among the long-suffering community, drawn close to 500 supporters on Facebook, and sparked the launch of a first-ever anti-discrimination campaign entitled "Sisters in Solidarity" (SIS).

The SIS campaign will be launched on Wednesday, 5 May 10, at 2 pm at Post Museum on Rowell Road. Ms Marla Bendini Junior Ong, a Singapore transgender woman will be present to share her experiences at Clarke Quay witnessed by her dance instructor who will also be present. Trish, a transgender pioneer, will speak up for the first time about her personal experience with workplace discrimination. The campaign will include a series of education activities throughout the year.


I don't think I will be around much this week, I got two exams next week, Monday and Tuesday, one of them is Biochemistry and I have to take the two no matter what. Just letting know the people I mod stuff with. (Sorry, [personal profile] the_future_modernes, I don't think you will have a lot of problems for just a weekend at [community profile] politics, right? Just to be safe.)


My two months LJ paid-account expired today, and I'm really grateful to the anonymous who gave it to me, I really enjoyed it. I also think the only thing I will really miss is the option of editing comments. I'm not such a sucker for icons, personalizations and stuff. I think I got to 25 icons, and not even used much of the other options. Yeah, I'm a free-account person.


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I just received a virtual LJ gift from [ profile] help_chile. Ah, now I get it. Help_chile was the subject, wasn't it? Ah, thank you, anon! I was really confused for a moment there. XD

And I also just received a paid LJ account for 2 months. Well, kinda weird. But thank you, anon! It surprised me, really. (And really, anon, I would love to do something for you if I can. &hearts)

ETA: Now I get what happened! I didn't know about the 10$ thing.


Oh the-

  • Sep. 18th, 2009 at 7:15 PM
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The feeds of the last I-don't-know-how-many days are spamming my fl like whoa.

What the hell LJ?


Sep. 11th, 2008

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Cambié de layout, y ahora tengo una cuenta Plus. El porqué: ayer casualmente revisé mi journal en la facultad sin loggearme antes, y como yo nunca leo los anuncios de LJ, descubrí entonces que los journals de las cuentas basic ya muestran ads para las personas que no están ingresadas. Y cómo me van a meter ads de todas formas, me pongo una Plus aprovecho los iconos extras. Total, el layout nadie me lo salva.

Por qué tengo un layout de personas corriendo, se preguntarán. Bueno, era ese, o el de un basurero con bolas de papel que se supone representa un 'Writer's Blog'. Como tener un basurero en el encabezado de tu blog no es la cosa más buena para el autoestima de una, me quedé con la gente corriendo.

Sigan con sus vidas.


Stressed panda is stressed

  • May. 25th, 2008 at 8:01 PM
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I'm here thinking that nothing can make me overcome the stupidity at [ profile] fandomsecrets. It's traumatic.

And I'm not talking about the secrets. The comments. They make me cringe and... a lot of awful things I'm not going to describe here.

"FAT PEOPLE HAVE TO BE CONSIDERATE WITH OTHER PEOPLE. THEY HURT EYES." You know, the worst thing is that most of these people weren't talking like wankers: they were saying with a 'calm and reasonable' tone that overweight people should dress themselves in a 'adecuate' way for common courtesy, and that they shouldn't cosplay in 'sexy outfits' because they don't look sexy enough. (Some people talked about health, but we aren't that ingenuous, please. We all know that fat people aren't denigrated for their 'health.' Unhealthy or not, that's an entire different matter here.)

I'm not going to mention the women being objectified-thing because that was just too much stupidity to deal with. Too much.*

God, fandom, you SO need a brain. A big one.

What is this thing about LJ elections or something? I barely have time to eat this week, how the hell I'm supposed to read all the platforms... or something? I want to vote, damn it. (In case you are wondering how do I have time to read fandomsecrets but not to eat; I will tell you that... I... I'm going to end my report. Now.)

*Okay, maybe I'm talking a little: a secret about Orihime Inoue of Bleach showing her boobs being objectified. A person responded that 'people sneezing can be objectified.' That's all (I admit the secret wasn't made in the smartest way, but...).


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