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  • Feb. 10th, 2012 at 4:35 PM
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The creator made a statement on Tumblr, which I think is sensible enough and deserves to be mentioned. Tell me what you think:

I should mention:

Haruka is in a qipao because a Chinese friend specifically asked they be put in one. We’ve been thinking about changing it for a while reagardless of that.

Edits are actually free. That’s why the initial cost of the images is so high. You did not want to see these characters in the edits that weren’t shown.

Any people complaining about how the characters aren’t trans* enough can get themselves to a damn stadium.


It’s amazing. People know we aren’t a major company, but they expect much more from us than they do any major company. They talk shit about how they reblogged something…uh, we aren’t on tumblr ALL DAY. There is no way we could see every reblog. That’s why we ask people to send EMAIL.

You reblog something on a massive site that only leaves the last 15-20 reblogs on a page and expect us to spend all day searching for critique instead of actually working on the things people claim we’re not working on?

Jesus fuck, we’re not heaven, we’re not god, and we’re NOT omniscient. SEND A DAMN EMAIL. Everyone’s who sent an email with critique has gotten a response, along with severe thanks for actually giving us something we can be sure to read. Reblogging and complaining we didn’t see it is essentially being angry with us for not doing exactly what we shouldn’t be doing…not working on the fucking game and spending all day digging around tumblr for things to reply to. Y’all ain’t new to tumblr. You know this shit gets mad busted and makes things disappear, and yet you expect us to magically…control things we can’t possibly control. Right. Gotcha.

About the “anti-white we don’t let white people on the team” shit. Uh. The PoC writer thing we put up is because at that point in time, MOST of the writing team was white. And we wanted to balance it out. Once again, people talking shit when they have no fucking clue.

As far as “OMG AAA GAME ON SUCH A TINY BUDGET!!!” We’re aiming high. Perhaps not AAA-level, but we’re aiming as high as we can. The POINT of this project is to aim high. Because there’s nothing like this at a high level.

In other post, Riley says is not their intention to do business, but to create something that could be inclusive enough. What do you think?


  • Feb. 9th, 2012 at 6:58 PM
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Okay. I don't understand what the shit is happening with The Arkh Project. It's a shame the only game that looked inclusive enough is coming to this, but the more is coming out about the creator, the worse is looking.

I don't know. What do you people think? This is sf_drama, so the discussions are called "wank" and A LOT of the comments are a mess, but there ARE some qualms we shouldn't ignore.

ETA: Okay, frankly, the comments are making me distrust the whole post. A lot. Fucking shit ignorant people who have never heard the term Muxe before. So it's obviously ridiculous! And Two Spirits is such a stupid concept for these weeabos. I want to kill.

ETA 2: [personal profile] yeloson shared a better source describing the problems with Arkh (it doesn't have all the disgusting stuff going on at sf_drama). Talks about the strange stuff with the business transactions. It doesn't bode well.


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