F. U.

  • Jan. 25th, 2012 at 5:43 PM
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Am I the only one who wants to spit on people's faces over this shit?

Yes, because the world is all about USA and their two right-winged political parties. What they do in Somalia? Just business that are useful to make their president look good and to rescue white first worlders. As my classmate uses to say, damn if they don't want to make everything look like one of their action tv-shows/movies where their Navy is heroic saving the world from brown non-westerners and it doesn't exist a biggest context for this shit (Somali pirates and sovereignty).

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan...

Also. We know kidnapping, stealing is wrong yadda yadda, but some people are way to naive, and believe everyone lives in a idealized middle-classed first world. Which doesn't happen. And no one gives a REAL shit about other people's tragedies. Way complex problems that have to do with poverty, lack of access, lack of resources in their own countries. Thank to... well, some shit against global south and its people.


  • Jan. 19th, 2012 at 8:58 PM
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They closed MU. The FBI closed it and arrested the owners for piracy. The company operated worldwide, but its owners worked in places like Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Do I need to say it? DO I? We kind of had the piracy discussion some... time ago (months? years?), but. Fuck you, USA. I could say a lot of things, but I'm childishly sore, the kind of sore of someone who had their pretty things taken away, and I feel kinda vindictive. Just going to say that it SO doesn't go both ways. In the matter of things big companies in the US can do, and things everyone else can do.

Also? Don't come butthurt at me? I have had in this journal lately some shitty comments going on about how REALLY some thing or another is also happening and it shows some experience isn't really privileged, and WHY don't you care about this, and... I don't want to hear it. I'm going to ban you if you come with shit like that to me. I'm sore.

(Yes, I can like my pretty things, and I can't have them like you people can thanks to some of the shit YOU -I mean, YOUR GOVERNMENT- and your companies put around here, and DID around here. So be quiet.)

I don't know if I already linked it some time ago, but if you really, really need to say something? Please, read this first: Media Piracy in Emerging Economies.

Fuck you. FUck you veyr much.

  • Jan. 11th, 2012 at 12:27 PM
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Nativos son interceptados en la Terminal de Ómnibus por la policía y llevados a cuartel militar.

So. This is what happens. A group of Indigenous people come to the capital and are intercepted by police and taken to a military facility. Because they arrived to protest.

VENT. I need to.

  • Jan. 8th, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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This happened here.

Now, save me from the assholery of the middle/high classed non-indigenous people I know and FB contacts (and non-contacts, there is this racist, UBER ANNOYING guy in my school who fancies himself an intellectual, believes is better than everyone, is SO ENTITLED that everyone has to heard him/ read him because he loves European culture and has an obsession with me reading every shit he writes, even when I already deleted him from my contacts, man, I just need to vent againts these kind of assholes because everybody in my rl LOVES THEM) who believe is THEIR RIGHT to have a park... without indigenous people. Because "indians make it dirty."

Of course, they don't care and won't move a finger about the racism, the classism, the awful conditions in which indigenous people live and how are abused in this country. But they want a park for themselves. And "Indians abuse of the park!" Even when most of these assholes won't even put a feet in that park in most of their lives. Mind you, they live in other cities and stuff.

Also. The Municipality PUT BARS in a public Park just to keep protesters away from it. Protesters who are indigenous people and Sin Techo who inhabit the park until someone from the government carry out their pledges. (Ans you imagine, middle classes are bothered that poor people are living in the park.)

Sep. 13th, 2011

  • 9:06 PM
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Privileged assholes, privileged assholes everywhere! 9_9

So tired of them. Specially when they are supposed to be... progressives.

For fuck's sake

  • Jul. 2nd, 2011 at 8:03 PM
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The New York Post’s DSK Victim-Blaming.

Obviously triggers for victim blaming there.

Disgusting shit is disgusting.

RAGE. So, copyright lovers...

  • Jun. 21st, 2011 at 7:42 PM
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Via [personal profile] delux_vivens.

So law doesn't protect queer POC from having their experiences appropriated by white straight privileged people, but IT CAN protect said white privileged people from... POC people who talk about the assholes "intellectual property" that came from appropriation and lies.

The Amina Hoaxer threatened to sue Minal Hajratwala for sharing his "copyrighted material" about "Amina."


  • May. 16th, 2011 at 5:17 PM
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Retraction Watch on Psychology Today's piece on "why black women are rated less physically attractive.”

We don’t have the scientific background to vet this research properly, but let’s just say we’re more than a bit skeptical. Others have done so, though, including Marianne Kirby.

Kanazawa is no stranger to controversy. Last year, he published a study claiming that liberals and athiests were smarter than conservatives and believers. And yet P.Z. Myers, an avowed “godless liberal,” called him the “great idiot of social science,” according to a story in AlterNet.

We’ve tried to contact Psychology Today and Kanazawa for comment, and will update with anything we hear back.

Natsuo Kirino, Out

  • Feb. 26th, 2011 at 3:13 AM
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Yes. I'm also pissed because I looked for this book for an eternity; I bought it here, in Spanish; and it was EXPENSIVE.

Not that coherent spoilers. Rant about the book, it's late and I'm sleepy. )

Also, I'm kinda tired of reading stupid shit on facebook. God, I can't make myself away from it due to having a lot of my real life there, but how much I wish it every time politic issues are mentioned. Stupid, stupid privileged assholes.
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(ADVERTENCIA POR TRIGGER. Obviamente instar a la violación es algo que el tipo considera totalmente admirable.)

Asqueroso, y lamentable.

Dec. 20th, 2010

  • 8:19 PM
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Seriously? The response to this... seriously?

Because the fact that this woman claimed it was a latino man means... what?
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Mako me mandó esta página de "Médicos Sin Fronteras" muy iluminante, si alguien tenía alguna duda: Pastillas Contra el Dolor Ajeno.

En el primer mundo, si te duele algo hay pastillas para mitigar casi cualquier dolor. Pero... ¿qué pasa si lo que te duele es el dolor ajeno, el dolor de los que no tienen pastillas para curar su sufrimiento?

¿No es genial, que nosotros que tenemos pastillas de casi todo, podamos tomarnos una para calmar el dolor de los que no tienen?

Uhm. Uuuuhm.

Si decides colaborar en esta causa, es porque seguramente sufres de dolor ajeno, una dolencia que afecta, de forma casi endémica, al mundo desarrollado. Si sientes molestias, irritabilidad, sensibilidad... ante el sufrimiento de los enfermos más desfavorecidos, puede que estés contagiado.

O sea que, déjenme ver esto. La metáfora de esta campaña es "curar" la "dolencia" de la gente primermundista rica que tiene que "soportar" vivir en el mismo mundo que esos pobres tercermundistas.

O, como Mako dijo:

Si, para, tan emocionales los primermundiastas que se compadecen ante sus inmigrantes, y sienten tanto dolor ajeno que se quejan cuando sus paises presionan y boicotean las industrias, economias y recursos de "los pobres paises sin desarrollo" XD
son tremendos -.-

Y ni tengo que decir cuan insultante son esta clase de cosas, en quién se centran y a quién deshumanizan y convierten en El Otro.

El video es sobre un rico director de cine y como "toma sus pastillas" para ayudar a disminuir el "dolor ajeno" y lo bien que le hacen. Con mucama y todo. Significa: debemos sentir inspiración, admiración y agradecimiento por la forma en que ayudan desde sus mansiones.

Y de verdad, forma de trivializar la estructura de la falta de medicamentos en los países en desarrollo.

Justo ahora Privilege Denying Dude no está disponible porque tumblr se ha caído.

lo que más necesitamos

  • Sep. 23rd, 2010 at 2:05 PM
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USA wants to bring their military here. The project name, "Nuevos Horizontes" (New Horizons) is very telling.

And our middle class is very stupid and the small elite that makes the upper class is very... happy. We have a lot of troubles regarding our governability thanks to our president's cancer, his private life, how he is part of a movement that took down the most powerful and corrupt political group of our country, and a paramilitary kidnapping group that consisted on seven people, but the right used as a scape goat for all our troubles, magnifying its influence and calling it "leftist" (no wonder a number of people that were in positions of power, like Ministers, were from the left and most of them resigned, were kicked out, etc.)

Un buen artículo: La geopolítica de las bases militares de los Estados Unidos en Colombia

La disputa por las reservas de petróleo y gas natural, que estarían agotadas en menos de 80 años con los niveles de consumo actual, han significado el aumento de las tensiones en la periferia del poder capitalista en Oriente medio, el Cáucaso, Asia central y Latinoamérica. Lugares donde los Estados Unidos y sus socios hacen ingentes esfuerzos por controlar el suministro de recursos estratégicos, utilizando para ello planes de guerra e intervención, que van desde la ocupación directa, las guerras preventivas y humanitarias, el uso de separatistas mafiosos, de fundamentalistas islámicos y de regímenes corruptos y gansteriles para implementar planes de desestabilización regional, propicios para el posterior establecimiento de economías multinacionales de enclave en los territorios dominados.


Finalmente, sobre el sofisma que rodea la intervención militar de los EU en el conflicto colombiano y su internacionalización, habría que anotar que las siete bases y los 1.400 militares y mercenarios gringos en Colombia servirán para todo, menos para el propagandizado objetivo de la victoria militar sobre las guerrillas. Basta recordar que las invasiones de los EU no lograron exterminar a las guerrillas en Vietnam, ni en Irak, ni mucho menos en Afganistán. Esto para los que ven demasiada televisión y creen que el problema colombiano se resume en la existencia de dos guerrillas.

Las siete bases tampoco nos llevarán al “anhelado” fin del narcotráfico, basta también recordar que bajo la ocupación de los EU a Afganistán se ha llegado a cifras record de presencia de cultivos de amapola y de exportación de opio desde ese bombardeado país. Y que en nuestro país después de 6 años de Plan Colombia, de miles de muertos y de 6.000 millones de dólares gastados en plomo y veneno, contamos con más de 100.000 hectáreas de cultivos de coca y exportamos, sin mucho problema, 900 toneladas de cocaína al año.

Nosotros que ya tenemos problemas de abuso con Argentina y Brasil, paises más ricos que nosotros, que nos roban la mitad del Pilcomayo cuando nuestro Chaco se seca y nuestra hidroeléctrica, respectivamente, no quiero saber lo que será si dejamos que esta superpotencia capitalsita se nos meta hasta en los huevos.


  • Sep. 18th, 2010 at 12:02 AM
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Dios. Necesito un lavado de ser. De nuevo. Pero mucho más profundo.

¿Saben lo que es tener que ir en un colectivo escuchando los griteríos que consisten en "cánticos" llenos de insultos sexuales misóginos y homófobos de un grupo de universitarios de 18-21 años (y algunos incluso mayores, dios me libre) clase media alta que trata de reafirmar su masculinidad?

Soy amable diciendo que eran cánticos; eran "puto," "puta," "huevos," "se la dan" al azar y en cualquier orden porque todos saben que eso te sube en la jerarquía de la macheza y lo hardcore. No se necesita creatividad con el oñembomachose (y "macho" por supuesto quiere decir, "hombre [cis] de gran pene y capacidad para someter sexualmente a cualquiera").

No me merecía eso. Nunca vuelvo a asomarme a esta porquería que son los juegos universitarios.

Okay, ya sé, pero esto ya es demasiado

  • Aug. 8th, 2010 at 1:30 PM
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Brasileños dicen que el tereré es su patrimonio.

en el Brasil una nueva propuesta gubernamental busca declararla "patrimonio inmaterial histórico" del Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul.

El Consejo Estadual de Cultura es la entidad que elaboró la propuesta, publicada el miércoles 4 de agosto en el Diario Oficial del Gobierno de Mato Grosso do Sul, según información divulgada en el sitio web de noticias Portal do MS.


La Fundação de Cultura de Mato Grosso do Sul resolvió ampliar la iniciativa a nivel de todo el Estado, elaboró un voluminoso expediente, en el que se cuenta la historia de la bebida y su importancia cultural para la región.

RESEÑA. En el documento se relata que el consumo del tereré "se remonta al pasado, al surgimiento de las comunidades de Ponta Porá (Brasil) y Pedro Juan Caballero (Paraguay), que florecieron durante el Ciclo de la yerba mate y continúa presente en los hábitos de la población de esta región".

El informe agrega que "el tereré se volvió la bebida típica de la región, cuya tradición se pasa de padre a hijo, elimina las diferencias sociales, promueve la interacción cultural, propicia el diálogo entre los integrantes de las ?ruedas', que aprovechan el momento para enterarse de las novedades".

Hace algunos años, también en Mato Grosso do Sul, una empresa yerbatera patentó oficialmente ante los tribunales de Brasil la palabra tereré como marca comercial privada, violando leyes internacionales que protegen el derecho colectivo sobre productos culturales, según había denunciado un reportaje de la revista Vida, de Última Hora.

Podés iros a la más magnífica mierda. No, en serio, no sé que cara tiene esta gente.

Aug. 8th, 2010

  • 9:48 AM
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I'm not posting much or answering because my emotional state isn't so good due to having the shittiest family ever (I mean it people, some day I'm going to talk about this) and still dealing with that.

But seriously.

Who the fuck is this guy and why the hell should people care about the shit he thinks?


  • Aug. 3rd, 2010 at 11:16 AM
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Las clases empezaron pero no empezaron porque muy primera semana y no hay nada (al menos para mi nivel), me fui para la clase de las 8 con un frío de mierda, dicha clase por supuesto no había, tuve a quedarme en el centro de estudiantes (a esperar que me confirmen que la siguiente clase tampoco iba a haber) donde se veía ese programa ese de Tinelli del baile, mientras la gente a mi lado despedazaba la vida privada de la gente de la farándula que, al mismo tiempo, se despedazaban entre ellos en un programa de baile.

Alguien hágame un lavado de cerebro. O mejor, un lavado de ser.
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I blame ontd_feminism.

Man says he would never vote "guilty" if he were a jury in a rape case despite the evidence because menz are oprezzed by US's law. All the comments agree and consider him heroic because we live in a misandrist world. The whole site is a jewel. (Triggering for rape apologism, victim blaming and lot more shit I can't name.)

Also, there was this post featured about a white US senator saying white privileged was a myth because white people were impoverished.

Hmm. Some days.

Ah, hating the world.

  • Jul. 23rd, 2010 at 4:22 PM
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Dead Firefighter’s Family Sues His Widow Because She is Trans.

Warning: quoted text and linked articles contain transphobic language.

This story is enraging and heartbreaking all at once. A woman named Nikki Araguz recently lost her husband Thomas, when he died while working as a firefighter on July 3. Instead of being allowed to mourn this horrific and sudden loss of her life partner, Nikki is instead being sued by her late husband’s family.

The lawsuit attempts to void the two year marriage of Nikki and Thomas, for the purpose of preventing her from having access to his death benefits. The family brutally alleges that the entire marriage was a fraud, revealed personal details about Nikki’s life, and have dragged her into court and before television cameras during this grieving period.

All because Nikki is transgender.

A Wharton county judge is expected to hear evidence on Friday in the first step toward sorting out the estate of a firefighter killed in the line of duty, in dispute because of a lawsuit between his parents and his widow who was born a male.

Nikki Araguz on Thursday decried allegations lodged in the lawsuit by her late husband’s family that she is a fraud because she was born male.

“I’m absolutely devastated about the loss of my husband, a fallen firefighter named Thomas Araguz III, and horrified at the horrendous allegations accusing me of fraud because they are absolutely not true,” Araguz said at a Thursday press conference. “And that is all I have to say.”

She spoke briefly at the law office of Phyllis Frye, a transgender attorney, who said her six-lawyer firm is poised to fight the family’s lawsuit. Moments after her statement, Araguz stood up in tears and walked out of the press conference.

“She cries,” Frye said after the abrupt departure. “It’s been 18 days since her husband died.”

The Associated Press outlines:

In a lawsuit filed July 12 in Wharton County, his mother, Simona Longoria, asked to be appointed administrator of her son’s estate and that her son’s marriage to Nikki Araguz be voided because the couple were members of the same sex.

Voiding the marriage would prevent Araguz from receiving any insurance or death benefits or property the couple had, with these things only going to her husband’s heirs, said Chad Ellis, Longoria’s attorney.

A Friday court hearing is planned to determine whether to extend a temporary restraining order granted Longoria that prevents Araguz from receiving insurance or death benefits or having access to bank accounts or property the couple had.

Ellis said his client’s efforts to void the marriage are supported by Texas law, specifically a 1999 appeals court ruling that stated chromosomes, not genitals, determine gender.

The ruling upheld a lower court’s decision that threw out a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a San Antonio woman, Christie Lee Cavazos Littleton, after her husband’s death. The court said that although Littleton had undergone a sex-change operation, she was actually a man, based on her original birth certificate, and therefore her marriage, as well as her wrongful death claim, was invalid.

“The law is clear, you are what you are born as,” Ellis said.

It's everything what is wrong with law.

No one should be living what this woman is living right now. Reality is that most trans women do.


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